Monday, January 16, 2012

Understanding Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Small bathroom floor plans give homeowners a structured way to improve the way their bathroom looks and feels. Space concerns are common problems with almost any bathroom plan, so anyone building a house or building a new bathroom should make sure they build bathrooms that are as large as possible.

Residents of houses that are either small or old often must cope with bathrooms that are 40 square feet or less in size. Tight areas like these offer few options that can make the room truly unique. However, homeowners can squeeze out ever possible square inch of such a room by buying compact fixtures and by using their creativity.

An important space-saving option for any small bathroom is to replace the shower/tub combination unit with a small standalone shower unit. This can reclaim about half the space taken by a tub and can add new opportunities for storage or seating. Homeowners should try to find a shower that has a door that either slides or folds, to minimize the amount of space around it that must be reserved.

Plans for a small bathroom should consider removing the vanity and install a small pedestal sink in its place. This will make the room look more open and give people using it a little bit more breathing room. As an alternative, designers could install a wall-mounted sink.

Old toilets are much larger than modern standard models, so replacing the toilet will buy precious space that can make a small bathroom more functional. Homeowners can also choose to buy special compact toilets designed for small rooms, so they can save even more space.

Another important element of small bathroom floor plans is the use of solid colors for the walls and ceiling. Patterns often make rooms appear smaller than they really are, so replace busy wallpaper with light-colored paint or paper.

Adding a skylight to a small bathroom is a great way to improve its appeal. Natural light will make the room look and feel more accommodating and make it seem more open. If a skylight is not feasible, halogen lighting can create a similar effect. A bright, clean, open room will quickly overcome many of the limitations it faces from its size.

If a corner shower replaces the bathtub, corner storage across from it is possible. By adding a small unit made from wood or glass, designers can address some of the storage issues that are inherent with small bathroom designs.

Homeowners should consider adding mirrors as part of their small bathroom floor plans. This does not add anything to its size, but it helps make people feel like the room is larger than it really is. Besides installing a larger mirror behind the sink, homeowners should plan to install accent mirrors on the walls. These will help keep the room as bright as possible.

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  1. What are the dimensions of the room pictured? This looks like a great floorplan. Thanks.